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#1 where does the Indian hair come from?

Indian hair comes from the people in India who are donating their hair all in the name of prayer. It is a common practice for them to sacrifice their hair in return for prayers that God has answered. Some temples will cut the hair from the devotees who are willing and then will in turn auction off the hair to distributors. The auctions are returned into their communities in turn of charity.

#2 Why is Indian Hair so special?

The hair is highly regarded in the hair industry due to its flexibility, texture and the durability of the hair. It is also know to be very thick and lustrous therefore offering the best hair for styling and other installation options. Hair is also naturally dark so it will work very well with braiding and weaving applications for women of color. Our hair is guaranteed.

#3 What does “bulk” and “wefted” mean?

Bulk hair is loose and is intended for use in braiding and other forms of hair extensions styles. It comes delivered in a bundle tied at the ends so that it is ready for use as soon as it arrives at your door. Wefted hair is intended for weaving. This is when the hair is either sewn or bonded using hair glue into a track that will be used during the weaving process.

#4 What is the best way to cut a weft?

It is recommended that hand tied wefts never be cut from the top. This is a quite common mistake made even by the most experienced stylists. Should it be cut, you should seal it with good glue such as nail glue or even fabric glue. Also, keep in mind there is no guarantee that the hair will not shed in the even that it is cut. Bare in mind to not sew through the top of the weft, instead you are going to want to sew around the weft. In the case of machine wefts, you can cut wherever you so desire.

#5 What type of hair care products should I use on my hair?

You are going to want to treat your Indian hair like it is your own. This means using quality shampoo and conditioning products. Conditioning is a very important in hair care so that you are able to keep it soft and more manageable. You are also able to use other products such as gel and hair spray. Just make sure to wash the hair so that the products do not damage it in any way.

#6 Question: How much hair is needed for a full head installation?

Answer:  It is typically recommended that when purchasing hair for a full head that is less than 22” you will need 6 to 8 ounces. It is also a wise decision to order 2 packs if you are wanting to have a full installation, therefore ensuring that you have enough hair as opposed to looking thin and patchy. In the event that you happened to purchase too much you can always keep in mind that you will have some hair for future use of installs or touch ups.
That being said, if you are purchasing hair that is longer than 22”, then you might need a third pack in order to achieve the desired results.

#7 Question How long do the hair extensions last?

Answer: With proper care, installation and upkeep, our hair will last well over a year. It does not last forever, but if you install it properly, keep it clean and trimmed, then your hair will be sure to last for a long time. You also have the option of taking your hair extensions out and putting them back in for later use. Always make sure that you store them well also to keep them fresh and healthy looking.

#8 Question if you are out of stock on a product I’m looking for, what am I to do?

Answer: Should we be out of a product that you are looking to purchase it will take a week for us to obtain the hair. Clients will be informed either by phone or email should an item be out of stock.

#9 Question: How do the Hand Tied and Machine Wefts differ and how many ounces come in 1 pack?

Answer: There are definite advantages to using both machine and hand tied wefts. Hand tied are created by workers that hand tie each weft. These are also more commonly known for the fact that they have a thinner track which is great for concealing. It also comes in pre-cut 5 equal length strips making it easier for your hair stylist to work with.

Machine wefts on the other hand are put together using a sewing machine. These have a thicker track and are not precut. Therefore, your stylist will have to cut, fold and seal the tracks. If not done right, then shedding will result. And machine wefts are built for durability.

When making a decision to choose between the two, it is best to ask the person who will be installing your hair.

Only The natural color hair wefts (natural black) come in approx. 4 ounce per pack. Any customized shades ordered is approx. 3.5 ounces per pack.

#10 Question: Is your hair natural, virgin, Remy Indian hair?

Answer: We guarantee that our hair used is 100% Virgin Remy Indian human hair. It comes directly from India where the hair is donated from the temples. Regular trips are made in order to guarantee the best hair is selected for our hair extensions.

#11 Question: Am I able to color this hair?

Answer: That of course will depend on the color you are looking for. Now, if you have purchased the Natural Straight, Wavy or Curly, (basically unprocessed) you can color it to a brown. If you are wanting blonde, then you would first have to bleach the hair and then dye it. However, this is not recommended.

#12 Question: Can you guarantee that hair will not tangle, shed or matte?

Answer: Because our hair is composed of cuticled human hair, this will mean that before the sewing of the weft takes place, all hair roots are placed in the same direction. This will stimulate the way that the hair grows from the scalp and will prevent any tangling or matting. But if the weft is not sealed correctly, then shedding can occur. Therefore, make sure that your hair is maintained properly. You can do this by making sure you moisturize and condition the hair at least once a week. Never sleep on the hair while it is wet. Brush out the hair before washing and don’t rub the wet hair.

#13 What can I expect with your collection of human hair extensions?

Answer: Premium Quality! All hair is hand selected and we select the best product available and is selected by the owner of the company. The hair is selected while searching for the most healthy hair available.

#14 How do i place the order?

Answer: You can place your order by performing the steps mentioned in the below link:


#15 How should i exchange or return the product?

Answer: For details on how to exchange or return the product please click on the below link: